Excursion to Masca

Masca is a small mountain village located to the north of Los Gigantes. Access is by a narrow winding mountain road. The village is home to around 150 inhabitants. Until the late 1960s the only access was by donkey track -it was inaccessible by road.

High mountains surround the tiny village and forests dominate the nearby areas and includes plants, cypresses and palm trees. Farming production includes potatoes and wheats and also fruits and vegetables in small quantities. The village has an ample water supply and is very green.

Some of the homes in the village have been abandoned- many of the inhabitants left for larger towns and cities on Tenerife and on other islands and to mainland Spain.

There are some excellent restaurants serving local specialties, or just have a drink and admire the breath taking views. There is also a small gift shop selling local products.

Fitter and more adventurous visitors can undertake the Masca walk – a 2-3 hour descent down the ravine of the same name to the sea, there you can arrange to be picked up by one of the local whale watching boats and taken back to Los Gigantes by sea – not for the feint hearted!